Brand Ambassadog Program


We’re looking for top-dogs to join our brand representative team! We want our brand representatives to love dogs, love our brand, and be passionate about sharing our message. Brand Representatives are required to have a public Instagram account and a dog (or cat!) to model our premium pet accessories. Stella’s Styles Brand Representative Program allows you to expand your dog-loving community across the world, connect with likeminded people, and build a network with new dog-obsessed people! 

Brand Rep Perks & Rewards

  • A lifetime 25% discount on all purchases.
  • A personalized 15% discount code to share with your friends, family and followers. 
  • Refer your friends, earn points, redeem free products! Earn 1 point for every purchase made using your personalized discount code. Redeem 3 points for a free product of your choice!
  • Active Brand Representatives that promote Stella's Styles on their Instagram feed/stories a minimum of twice per week will be awarded special promotions. (Advertising by using a list of all your different discount codes in captions is excluded from this deal). If you are selected, you may choose between a 24-hour 30% off code or a 2-hour 50% off code to share with your followers. All sales made using this code are accumulated and added to your referral points.
  • Bump your photos of your pets modeling our products to priority status. Your high-quality photos may be featured on Stella’s Styles website!
  • Exposure on Stella’s Styles social media accounts.
  • Stella's Styles is a guaranteed vendor in any/all giveaways hosted by our Brand-representatives. Donations include coupon codes or free products!
  • Love, support and appreciation. Receive contributions/donations for qualifying fundraisers (i.e medical emergencies) and collaborations for special occasions. Stella's Styles considers our brand representatives as family, and are treated as such. You are important to us!


  • Provide high-quality photos modeling our products on your social media accounts. When posting, please make sure the product is visible and clear in your photo. We love close-ups of the product detail too! Any blurry photos will not be used or re-posted.
  • Include your personalized discount code whenever advertising Stella's Styles.
  • Direct users to our Instagram profile by tagging us in photos, captions and stories.
  • Encourage your followers to make a purchase using your personalized representative discount code! You must include this code in all of your Stella's Styles advertisements. We highly recommend adding your Stella's Styles personalized discount code to your profile highlights.
  • Promote and share any company announcements such as special promotions, giveaways, and product launches on your social media accounts. 
Please keep in mind that all 5 Brand Representative responsibilities listed above are required.

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    Join Our Pack

    Ready to apply for a brand representative position? Direct message us on Instagram with the following information
    1. Your name
    2. Dogs name
    3. Instagram Account
    4. What do you know about Stella’s Styles products?
    5. What do you love most about Stella's Styles values?
    6. Why do you think you would make a great brand representative?
    7. Have you been or are you currently a brand representative for another company? (We accept former/current reps for other brands!)
    8. Please include any additional questions you may have.
    By submitting your application you are agreeing to Stella’s Styles Brand Representatives Requirements & Terms and Conditions.
      Responses for all questions are required. Incomplete submissions will be denied.  We only accept applications submitted on Instagram. Applications submitted through email will not be reviewed. 
      A Stella's Styles team member will review your application and your profile and direct message you on Instagram with our decision within 5 business days.

      Terms and Conditions

      Stella's Styles has a "zero pressure policy".  That means, we have no contracts. You are a brand representative for as long as you say you are! There is no trial period, no minimum or maximum length of time and you may resign as a Brand Representative at any time for any reason. We have no monthly, quarterly or yearly purchase requirement. We have no specific weekly or monthly number of posts requirement. However, you increase your eligibility for rewards with frequent advertisements. There is no brand representation exclusivity. You are permitted to be a brand representative for multiple brands.
      Stella's Styles reserves the right to withdraw anyone from the Stella's Styles Brand Representative Program at any time if we find you are not meeting the requirements/ terms and conditions.

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