Meet Matilda Chu; Stella's Styles #1 fan! She has been a brand representative since May 30, 2019. As of March 2020, Matilda's collection of Stella's Styles accessories has grown to 54 bandanas, 1 bow, and 1 hand-knit scarf!


I love being a brand rep for Stella’s Styles! I had never imagined that I would be a brand rep for any company, but I am very proud to represent Stella's Styles, not only for their superior product, but for their efficiency! They are always so helpful, have an easy checkout process and speedy delivery! Their bandanas are so stylish, made with high-quality fabric AND run true to size. Everything is exactly as advertised! Their designs are super cute, so cute in fact, that it is nearly impossible to buy just one when checking out! When Matilda wears her Stella’s Styles bandanas out and about we always receive so many compliments! Whenever people ask me ‘where do you buy your bandanas?’ I am eager to tell them that I shop and represent Stella’s Styles! There are plenty of extra discounts for their loyal customers and surprise rewards for engaged followers! Plus, it is so fun to share my personalized code with my friends, family and followers so when they purchase from Stella's Styles they get a discount too!! I am never disappointed when I buy from Stella's Styles and I’m always super excited to see what new designs are available each season. I love this brand so much that my collection is up to 37 Stella’s Styles accessories and ever growing! I have one for every occasion and I've even got a few to twin with my BFF, Elsa the Basset! She loves her Stella's Styles bandanas too! Thanks so much to Katelynne and Stella for all of my FAVORITE accessories! 


We love being a brand rep for Stellas Styles because Katelynne has treated us as family from the very beginning. We came in contact with each other and I shared our story about rescuing sweet Harper. Katelynne knew this wasn’t just any rescue story and has offered to help in any capacity she can! Brand reps are considered family at Stella’s Styles and it is so comforting to know that we are so loved and supported. Hudson and Harper were able to collaborate with Stella’s Styles for Harper’s homecoming & her early transition stages into our family! Katelynne contributed FREE custom orders for this new pair which has made us feel extra thankful this holiday season. We cannot thank Stella’s Styles enough, we woof you!  


Stella's Styles is a great company- they were the first to reach out to us and we were very excited to work with them! The experience has been even better than I initially thought. Katelynne makes us feel like a true friend, even though we have never actually met! They even offer great discounts for loyal customers and additional discounts for customer engagement!! Stella's Styles bandanas are great quality, arrive quickly, and they offer new styles often! There seems to be different patterns that could fit anyone's unique style! I can honestly say our bandana addiction won't go away anytime soon!


I am absolutely in love with Stella's Styles and being a brand representative for them has meant the world to me. This is such a loving and supportive company; Katelynne's passion for beautiful products shines through her company in every aspect! I have been nothing but pleased with the quality of Stella's Styles bandanas and customer service. Every bandana is designed, produced and packaged with the upmost care. I wish I could have ALL of these amazing bandanas because they are just that wonderful! Thank you Stella's Styles for making us one happy brand rep! You are honestly the absolute best!


We love being apart of the ambassador program for Stella's Styles! We can't seem to stop buying bandanas! They're made with sturdy, easy to tie fabric and our dog gets all of the compliments! Their customer service is amazing and these are the only bandanas we own! Placing an order is simple and you have your bandanas within days! Plus, who doesn't love seeing their dogs in cute bandanas?!



Stella's Styles was one of the first companies to reach out to me and I was very excited to become a brand rep for them. Thus, starting my bandana addiction! I love being a brand rep because to start off, their bandanas are made from amazing fabric. The fabric is thick, durable and I don't have to worry about them tearing or ripping while she's playing. There are so many cute fabric options- which is why I can't stop buying them! I have never had a problem getting a bandana or with sizing. Everything is on point and on time. Their customer service is unbeatable! If ever I have a question about being a brand rep or about a bandana, they are always so helpful and courteous. Lastly, I love that they have sales and give out codes for interacting with their Instagram. Such a great company to be representing! 


There are tons of great dog accessory brands out there, so why do I love Stella’s Styles? I love this brand due to their loyalty to their customers’ happiness, the outstanding quality of the products, and the fact that they are completely woman owned! You can really feel cared for from the shop because Katelynne cares a lot. The designs are super colorful and vibrant.  I always get nervous when a new bandana comes out because I know I will have to have it!


When I received the message from Stella's Styles to become a brand rep, I was ecstatic! The fabric is very durable and the prints are adorable. Because Rowyn is a heeler, I need bandanas that I know can hold up to his level of energy and rough play. We love being a part of the brand rep family for such an amazing shop and it's so easy to tell that there's a lot of hard work and care behind the company! We love Stella's Styles!


I am absolutely thrilled to represent Stella’s Styles! The designs are SO fun & unique, with new options released regularly. Also, it’s pawsome getting to share discount codes with furiends, and seeing my photos featured across the Stella’s Styles website and Instagram account. There are so many other perks too! 


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